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Curtain Profiles

Aluminum is a lightweight but robust material that is long-lasting, strong, and corrosion free. The surfaces of our aluminum roll shutter profiles are coated with a thick layer of chip resistant, stove enamel paint and are available in an extensive range of designs and colours.

Our roll shutters do not fade, and never need to be recoated. Your investment in quality shutters for windows or doors improves both the appearance and the value of your home.

Advantages to Aluminum

1. FCF- free foam: quiet, resonance free, torsion proof.
2. Grooves in profile: Increase stability and look great.
3. Colour and Light-Fast: No re-coating required, brilliant colours, guaranteed for decades.

Styles and Colours


Is a pentagonal shaped box. It takes up minimal space, provides easy access for maintenance, and can be retrofitted with an anti-push-up lock.


Has a unique round design, giving a pleasant optical effect. Again, this system takes minimal space, is easy to access, and can be retro-fitted with and anti-push-up lock.


We carry nine (9) different colours to choose from: Black, Metallic, Grey, White, Cream, Beige 03, Beige 11, Brown, Wood Grain

ALULUX Aluminum Rollershutters

Our product is German engineered, custom manufactured by Rolltec and proffessionally installed by our own technicians. Rolltec Rollshutters provides the best quality materials to ensure long lasting benefits.

Our products also provide less energy consumption, more comfort and options. Our custom made aluminum shutters is your perfect solution for modernization or new construction.

ALULUX-brand systems minimize heat loss and reduce heating costs. They offer extensive protection and improve the indoor climate during the summer.

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Alulux Logo

“We had roll shutters installed by Al Hansen – windows and patio door. We are happy with the decision – as they keep our house nice and cool in the summer and prevent the cold winter winds from blowing directly onto the windows and therefore cooling the house down a lot. We would recommend Rolltec shutters anytime.”  Alexander and Klara McMorran, Fort Saskatchewan